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1001 Korte Verhalen & Verhaaltjes - Verhaal 'Softly-Slowly-Gently' door Irene O.

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What ís this, this feeling I have for this one man? What draws me to him, like iron to a magnet? Why is it that I cannot seem to let go of him? Three questions, one answer: I love this man. This one soul who fills my days ánd my nights with sweet dreams but also with nightmares.

I so much want to feel you my man, your naked body against my naked body. Two making one. I so want to feel the play of your muscles when I softly caress and kiss you. I whisper against your mouth, that mouth that always gives me such delicious kisses, that you are beautiful, and proud and strong. I tell you that it feels so good, within your arms. I hear your breath and feel your heart thudding against my chest; I feel how you tremble, as I tremble.

So much longing, so long denied. Still, we agreed to play the game slowly; tantalizing each other with kisses, soft and then deep, with hands and whispered words. Ah yes, I feel your body talking to me and I try to make mine talk to yours. A shifting of the hip, a soft breast, lifted from your chest and pressed back again. My hands in your hair, stroking your cheeks, a finger following the line of your mouth. You suck my finger and it feels like your tongue is between my legs instead. My insides turn liquid and I clamp my mouth shut so as not to cry out ...

Softly, softly ...
I disengage and start a long line of tiny kisses and soft bites, sliding softly down; your forehead, your nose, your mouth - where I stay for a little while longer - down to your chest and belly; down and down... softly, teasingly. My hands follow my lips. I told you not to think, but to feel only. I look at your face and see that you are doing just that - feeling.
I can make you shiver, I can put my fire into your veins. I can feel the muscle growing and hardening between my lips and I softly suck and bite its tip, while my nails softly scratch your hard balls.

Slowly, slowly ...
Your hands pull me up, wanting my mouth for another kiss. Can you taste yourself in my mouth now, my sweet? I love your taste - as I love your man-smell. My body lies on yours now, and it would take only one short moment, one move, for me to open myself up for you, to receive your body within me. But that is not this day part of the play. How I love him and want him, he who can be mine only for this moment. Never to have for my own, but today, tomorrow.

Gently, gently ...
The moment has come for you, you urge my head down to give you release. Pressure built up to the point of bursting from you. And I want it, I need to feel your length sliding down my throat, need to taste your essence. I want it all, for me, to the very last drop. Still, I want to give you the sweet agony of waiting. so, gently I suck you in, my tongue playing, teasing, slowly taking in more of you, a little at every downward movement of my head, until you are fully embedded within me. I feel your hips rising, I hear your breath quickening, you softly groan. Yes! Yes my love, give it to me. Give me all. Give me the knowing that you want me - today, tomorrow.

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Reacties op ‘Softly-Slowly-Gently’

  • Het woord oprecht 'beminnen' komt als eerste boven Heerlijke minnekozerij. Is dit liefde te kunnen zeggen ik wandel in jou zonder bang te zijn mezelf te verliezen

    iakon - 08-02-2016 om 20:14

  • Nee je zult jezelf niet verliezen - je zult je andere helft juist vinden.

    Irene O. - 08-02-2016 om 21:18

  • Je lijkt me erg gevoelig, Irene. En je deelt je gevoelens, prachtig.

    Gevene - 09-02-2016 om 08:48

  • Dank je. Mensen zouden meer hun gevoelige kant moeten durven tonen.

    Irene O. - 09-02-2016 om 09:45

  • Should like to be Him.

    Gevene - 09-04-2016 om 11:34

  • Bide your time ...

    Irene O. - 09-04-2016 om 12:12

  • Gebeurde dit maar bij mij. Ik ben echt een geile beer op dit moment..

    Penisprikkel - 30-01-2017 om 12:13

  • Ach, wat kan mijn antwoord anders zijn dan: je hebt een en ander zelf in de hand ...

    Irene O. - 31-01-2017 om 12:26


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